After a five stage process, I was selected to be an official sports massage practitioner at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games.
During the twenty days working there, I treated the world's elite athlete's in the Athletes Village during the Olympic Games and was based at the Olympic Stadium during the Paralympics..

I providing pre event, mid event and post event sports massage to the athletes and met some wonderful people.
to prepare her for the 400m event she was participating in.I was lucky enough to get my hands (and teeth) on to a gold medal and was given the medalists podium flowers by a Chinese
athlete as a thank you present for her treatment I provided

On Saturday 08th September, I was personally invited as a guest of the South African coach to spend some time with Oscar Pistorius shortly before he won his gold medal.   
It was a pleasure to treat the world's elite athlete's at the most high profile sporting event this country has ever seen and I was pleased to be part of such a wonderful medical team.
Being hoisted aloft by Nigerian wrestlers
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