'Having suffered lower back and hip pain for the
last 2 years I am amazed at the difference in only
2 visits!'
Hips feel awesome no pain whatsoever.
My only regret is that i didn't meet Chris years
Mr Bayliss, Oxford
Chris Chesterman MSMA(L4)
Chris is the Soft Tissue Therapist for Oxford United and runs
a private clinic in Headington, Oxford.
As a freelance professional sports massage practitioner, Chris provides sports massage and Neuromuscular Reeducation for a
wide variety of people at his sports massage clinic in Headington which is a purpose built extension on his home 6 days a week,
including evenings.  Chris used to run the sports massage clinic at the JR hospital and the Churchill hospital but has recently built
an extension on the side of his home for his clinic to provide more flexible appointments and free parking.

Building the extension onto the side of his home and therefore not having to continue to rent a private practice and transferring the
subsequent costs onto his clients, Chris has successfully achieved his aim of keeping his rates at an affordable £45 per hour in
comparison with charges that can reach up to £75 per hour in Oxford to help make professional soft tissue treatment available for

In his spare time Chris is a keen trail runner as well as an FA qualified football coach and coaches Oxford City under 13's Football
"The best
investment a
dancer can make!"
Michelle White
(Dance Captain)
Oxford Playhouse
"A practical, no-nonsense, effective,
professional service that really works."
Richard (Squire/Giant) Jack & The Beanstalk,
Oxford Pantomime
My clients
My clients come from all backgrounds and are not just athletes.
There are tight neck and shoulder muscles to deal with, often simply the result of long hours working on the computer, older clients who are feeling the years of
poor posture or old injuries that were never treated, then there are people who start a new fitness training and want to minimise risk of injury.
I see many sports amateurs as well as professionals who use sports massage to improve their performance, local businesses who find themselves at a stressful
period or maybe as a reward to their staff for their recent efforts and  last, but not least, I regularly work with professional actors, dancers and musicians and
have worked for productions such as; Lord of the Dance, Chicago, Stomp, The Jungle Book, Tracey Beaker, ITV (Lewis Productions) and the annual Oxford
Pantomime (Oxford Playhouse).

    Do I have to participate in a sport to need a sports Massage?
    No, everyone can benefit from a Sports Massage.  Stress, posture, working from a desk, pregnancy etc all contribute to muscle strain & tension that can be relieved
    through good professional sports massage regardless of lifestyle, fitness or age.
    How frequently should I have a Sports Massage?
    If it is assist your training approx every 1 - 4 weeks are advised.  If you have an injury, it will depend on other factors that will be discussed.  Generally, for muscle
    stress/maintenance I say to my clients that they should book a session only when feel they require one.
    Do you do home visits?
    Yes , but there will be a  travelling charge per visit.
    Does it hurt?
    Sports Massage should be delivered to the clients tolerance, so generally no.  Although, there may be some circumstances where it may be slightly uncomfortable
    (injury, after a big event etc).  
    experience a little discomfort afterwards until your muscles have settled from the treatment.
    Will I be naked during the Sports Massage?
    No, you will be draped with towels throughout the session.  Your modesty will be protected at all times.
    I have heard of some companies hiring masseurs for their staff, how do I arrange for you to come?
    Corporate Sports Massage to relieve stress & tension is becoming extremely popular & if you are lucky enough to have a very caring Manager / boss, then they contact
    me directly.  Also, there should be an appropriate room available.  
    Corporate massages will be designed around the time available, usually 20 / 30 mins per staff member is the most common session.
    Should I stretch before or after a race?
    This issue has always been debated.  I personally feel that if you have a few minutes before a run then it is better to warm up by jogging slowly than just stretching.  I
    think that stretching is more beneficial after an event when the muscles are warmer, but if you have the time before an event you will benefit from both a warm up and
    then light stretches.

    If there are any other questions or concerns then please contact me directly.
Tel. 01865 764463  /  07905808612
Headington Clinic: 14 Forest road, Risinghurst, Oxford OX3 8LF