Kinesio Taping
You may have seen bright coloured tape on other runners or athletes at the Olympics and wondered if it was a new form of body decoration?
In fact, it was at the London 2012 Games where Chris learnt that techniques of kinesio taping and is successfully introducing it to his clients in
Oxford, including pregnant ladies to help their posture strain.

What is Kinesio Tape?
Kinesio Tape was developed more than 30 years ago by a Japanese chiropractor, Dr Kenzo Kase. Whilst it has been in common use in other
parts of the world for some time, it has only been recently introduced to the UK.

What’s so special about it?
Kinesio Tape is used to give support after an injury and during rehabilitation to prevent overuse.  It’s also used to:•Reduce pain
•Enhance performance
•Prevent injury
•Promote improved circulation and healing
•Help prevent muscle cramping and lactic acid buildup
Different to traditional taping, Kinesio® Tape works with the body to allow for full range of movement. The body’s damaged tissue can rest
and heal naturally despite continued use.

The tape is 100% cotton which means it is breathable and lasts several days through sweating, bathing and even swimming.

What running related injuries can it be used to treat?
Kinesio Tape can be used to treat many running-related injuries.

It supports the muscles and increases circulation around injuries and other painful areas, and is frequently used by runners prone to shin

Kinesio Tape can also help with the following:
•Plantar Fasciitis
•Runner’s Knee
•Ankle Sprain
•Achilles Tendonitis
•And more!
Who uses it?

Many world-class athletes now swear by the tape such as: Serena Williams,
David Beckham, Lance Armstrong, Lleyton Hewitt, and Tiger Woods
are just a few of the many top-flight sports people who use Kinesio Tape in their training.

Kinesio  Tape is now used in practically every sport and at all levels from elite athletes to weekend warriors.

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